Compute the inverse sine of x, where the output is in degrees


  1. Calculate inverse sine in degrees:

    julia> asind(0.5)

    This example calculates the inverse sine of 0.5, returning the result in degrees.

  2. Handle negative input:

    julia> asind(-0.866)

    It correctly handles negative input values and returns the corresponding inverse sine in degrees.

  3. Use asind in an expression:
    julia> angle = asind(0.707);
    julia> sin(angle)

    This example demonstrates using the inverse sine result in further calculations.

Common mistake example:

julia> asind(2)
ERROR: DomainError with -2:
asin will only return values in the range [-pi/2,pi/2]

In this example, the input value exceeds the valid range for the inverse sine function. The input should be within the domain [-1, 1] to avoid this error.

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