Compute the inverse cosine of x, where the output is in radians


julia> acos(0.5)

Computes the inverse cosine of 0.5.

julia> acos(1)

Computes the inverse cosine of 1.

julia> acos(-1)

Computes the inverse cosine of -1.

julia> acos(2)
DomainError with acos: input -2.0 is out of the range [-1, 1]

Raises a DomainError for input 2 since it is out of the valid range [-1, 1].

julia> acos("hello")
MethodError: no method matching acos(::String)

Raises a MethodError since the input is of type String, and acos is not defined for strings. Ensure the input is of type Number when using acos.

See Also

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