Squared absolute value of x


  1. Calculate the absolute square of a real number:

    julia> abs2(-5)

    This example calculates the absolute square of -5, resulting in 25.

  2. Calculate the absolute square of a complex number:

    julia> abs2(3 + 4im)

    It computes the absolute square of the complex number 3 + 4im, which evaluates to 25.

  3. Compute the absolute square of a floating-point number:
    julia> abs2(2.5)

    This example demonstrates the calculation of the absolute square of a floating-point number, yielding 6.25.

Common mistake example:

julia> abs2("Hello")
ERROR: MethodError: no method matching abs2(::String)

In this example, the abs2 function is applied to a string which is not a valid input type. It is important to provide a valid argument type such as real numbers or complex numbers to abs2 in order to avoid this error.

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