..  unescape_string(s::AbstractString) -> AbstractString

General unescaping of traditional C and Unicode escape sequences. Reverse of :func:`escape_string`. See also :func:`print_unescaped`.


In the Julia programming language, the function unescape_string(s::AbstractString) -> AbstractString is used for general unescaping of traditional C and Unicode escape sequences. It serves as the reverse of the escape_string function.

To provide examples, it's important to note that the unescape_string function is not a built-in function in Julia. However, you can achieve similar functionality using the replace function and regular expressions.

julia> function unescape_string(s::AbstractString)
           replace(s, r"\n" => "\n", r"\t" => "\t", r"\"" => "\"")

julia> unescape_string("Hello\\nWorld")

julia> unescape_string("Julia\\tProgramming")

julia> unescape_string("\\\"Escaped\\\"")

In the above examples, we define a custom unescape_string function that uses the replace function and regular expressions to unescape common escape sequences. The \\n is replaced with a newline character, \\t is replaced with a tab character, and \\" is replaced with a double-quote character.

Please note that this is a basic example of how you can achieve unescaping functionality in Julia. For more complex unescaping requirements, additional regular expressions or logic may be needed.

See Also

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