rpad(string, n, p)

Make a string at least n columns wide when printed, by padding on the right with copies of p.


In the Julia programming language, the function rpad(string, n, p) is used to create a string that is at least n columns wide when printed. It achieves this by padding the string on the right with copies of p. Here are some examples of how it can be used:

  1. Pad a string with spaces:

    julia> rpad("hello", 10, ' ')
    "hello     "

    This example pads the string "hello" with spaces on the right until it becomes at least 10 columns wide.

  2. Pad a string with a specific character:

    julia> rpad("hello", 8, '-')

    It pads the string "hello" with hyphens until it becomes at least 8 columns wide.

  3. Handle cases where the string is already wider than n:
    julia> rpad("hello", 4, '*')

    In this case, the original string "hello" is already wider than the desired width of 4 columns, so no padding is added.

Common mistake example:

julia> rpad("hello", -5, ' ')
ERROR: DomainError with -5:
Negative widths are not allowed for rpad!.

Here, a negative width is provided, which is not allowed for rpad. Make sure to provide a positive value for n to avoid this error.

Remember to provide a valid character for padding (p) and ensure that the resulting string is not wider than the desired width (n).

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