listen([addr,]port) -> TCPServer

Listen on port on the address specified by addr. By default this listens on localhost only. To listen on all interfaces pass IPv4(0) or IPv6(0) as appropriate.


julia> server = listen("my_pipe.sock")

julia> server isa PipeServer

This example creates and listens on a named pipe or domain socket with the specified path "my_pipe.sock". It returns a PipeServer object, which represents the server endpoint of the named pipe or domain socket. The isa operator is used to verify that the returned object is an instance of PipeServer.

Common mistake example:

julia> server = listen("/tmp/my_pipe.sock")
ERROR: ArgumentError: Invalid path: /tmp/my_pipe.sock

In this example, an invalid path is provided, leading to an ArgumentError. Ensure that the path provided is valid and accessible.

See Also

accept, bind, :@spawn, connect, fetch, getaddrinfo, gethostname, getipaddr, getsockname, init_worker, IPv4, IPv6, isready, issocket, kill, listen, recv, recvfrom, remotecall, remotecall_fetch, remotecall_wait, RemoteRef, send, setopt,

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