IPv4(host::Integer) -> IPv4

Returns IPv4 object from ip address formatted as Integer


julia> IPv4(3232235776)

This example creates an IPv4 object from the IP address represented as an integer. The integer 3232235776 corresponds to the IP address, and the IPv4 object is returned.

Common mistake example:

julia> IPv4(4294967296)
ERROR: ArgumentError: Invalid IPv4 address: 4294967296

In this example, the provided integer value 4294967296 is outside the valid range for an IPv4 address. Ensure that the integer value corresponds to a valid IPv4 address before using the IPv4 function.

See Also

accept, bind, :@spawn, connect, fetch, getaddrinfo, gethostname, getipaddr, getsockname, init_worker, IPv4, IPv6, isready, issocket, kill, listen, recv, recvfrom, remotecall, remotecall_fetch, remotecall_wait, RemoteRef, send, setopt,

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