Creates a closure around an expression and runs it on an automatically-chosen process, returning a RemoteRef to the result.



  1. Using @spawn to perform a simple computation:

    julia> res = @spawn 2 + 2
    RemoteRef{Channel{Any}}(1, 1, 2, Nullable{Any}())

    This example creates a closure around the expression 2 + 2 and runs it on a automatically-chosen process. It returns a RemoteRef which represents the result of the computation.

  2. Spawning a more complex computation:

    julia> a = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5];
    julia> b = [6, 7, 8, 9, 10];
    julia> res = @spawn sum(a .* b)
    RemoteRef{Channel{Any}}(1, 1, 2, Nullable{Any}())

    In this example, @spawn is used to create a closure that calculates the dot product of arrays a and b. The result is stored in a RemoteRef object.

  3. Using @spawn in a loop:
    julia> results = Vector{RemoteRef}()
    julia> for i in 1:10
              push!(results, @spawn i^2)
    julia> fetch.(results)
    10-element Vector{Int64}:

    This example demonstrates how to use @spawn in a loop. It spawns the computation of i^2 for each value of i from 1 to 10. The fetch. function is then used to retrieve the results from the RemoteRef objects.

Common mistake example:

julia> res = @spawn println("Hello, World!")
ERROR: `@spawn` macro: expression to `@spawn` must return a value to be fetched

In this example, the expression passed to @spawn is a println statement, which doesn't return a value. The @spawn macro expects an expression that returns a value, as it creates a closure around that expression and runs it on a separate process. Make sure the expression passed to @spawn returns a value that can be fetched.

See Also

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