isreadonly(stream) -> Bool

Determine whether a stream is read-only.


  1. Check if a file stream is read-only:

    julia> file = open("data.txt", "r");
    julia> isreadonly(file)

    This example checks if the file stream file is read-only.

  2. Check if a writeable stream is read-only:

    julia> writeable_stream = open("output.txt", "w");
    julia> isreadonly(writeable_stream)

    It returns false since the writeable_stream is not read-only.

  3. Check if a custom stream is read-only:
    julia> struct MyStream
    julia> stream = MyStream(true);
    julia> isreadonly(stream)

    This example demonstrates how to use isreadonly with a custom stream object.

Common mistake example:

julia> isreadonly(5)
ERROR: MethodError: no method matching isreadonly(::Int64)

In this example, isreadonly is called with an argument of type Int64 which is not a stream. Ensure that the argument passed to isreadonly is a valid stream object to avoid such errors.

See Also

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