Equivalent to stat(file).mtime


In the Julia programming language, the function mtime(file) is equivalent to stat(file).mtime. It returns the last modification time of the specified file. Here are some examples of how it can be used:

  1. Get the modification time of a file:

    julia> mtime("myfile.txt")

    This example returns the last modification time of the file "myfile.txt".

  2. Use the modification time for comparison:

    julia> file1 = "file1.txt"
    julia> file2 = "file2.txt"
    julia> if mtime(file1) > mtime(file2)
              println("File 1 was modified more recently than File 2.")
              println("File 2 was modified more recently than File 1.")

    This example compares the modification times of two files and prints a corresponding message based on which file was modified more recently.

  3. Check if a file has been modified:
    julia> file = "data.csv"
    julia> last_modified = mtime(file)
    julia> sleep(10)  # Simulate some delay
    # Some operations or changes to the file "data.csv"
    julia> if mtime(file) > last_modified
              println("The file has been modified.")
              println("The file has not been modified.")

    This example checks if the file "data.csv" has been modified by comparing its current modification time with the previously recorded modification time.

Remember that mtime relies on the stat function, which returns a StatStruct object containing various file metadata. If the specified file does not exist or there are permission issues, mtime may throw an error.

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