include_string(code::AbstractString, [filename])

Like include, except reads code from the given string rather than from a file. Since there is no file path involved, no path processing or fetching from node 1 is done.


  1. Include code from a string:

    julia> code = "println(\"Hello, Julia!\")";
    julia> include_string(code)
    Hello, Julia!

    This example includes and executes the code provided in the string code, which prints "Hello, Julia!" to the console.

  2. Include code from a string with a specified filename:

    julia> code = "println(\"Hello, Julia!\")";
    julia> include_string(code, "hello.jl")
    Hello, Julia!

    It includes and executes the code provided in the string code with a specified filename "hello.jl". This can be useful when tracking the source of the executed code.

  3. Include and use variables defined in the string:
    julia> code = "x = 10; y = 20; println(x + y)";
    julia> include_string(code)

    In this example, the code defines variables x and y in the included string and then performs an operation on them.

Common mistake example:

julia> code = "println(x)";
julia> include_string(code)
ERROR: UndefVarError: x not defined

In this example, the code tries to print the value of x, but it is not defined in the given string. Ensure that any variables used in the included code are properly defined to avoid such errors.

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