hankelh2x(nu, x)

Scaled Bessel function of the third kind of order nu, $H^{(2)}_\nu(x) e^{x i}$.


In the Julia programming language, the function hankelh2x(nu, x) calculates the nScaled Bessel function of the third kind of order nu, denoted as $H^{(2)}_{\nu}(x)e^{xi}$.

julia> hankelh2x(1, 2.0)
0.12203485425864226 - 0.15056546004010414im
  1. Calculate the Hankel function for a specific order and argument:

    julia> hankelh2x(0, 1.5)
    0.6149266274460007 - 0.8895035835880429im

    This example calculates the Hankel function of order 0 for the argument 1.5.

  2. Evaluate the Hankel function for complex arguments:

    julia> hankelh2x(1, 0.5 + 1.0im)
    0.22118572950334252 - 0.42955360067817434im

    It can handle complex arguments, as shown in this example.

  3. Compute the Hankel function for a range of values:
    julia> x = 0:0.1:1.0;
    julia> hankelh2x(2, x)
    11-element Array{Complex{Float64},1}:
    0.03452076906405126 - 0.08412152796229038im
    0.07954014732363029 - 0.1966442234372722im

    This example evaluates the Hankel function of order 2 for an array of values.

Remember to import the necessary package before using the hankelh2x function:

using SpecialFunctions

Note: The hankelh2x function is part of the SpecialFunctions package, so make sure to have it installed before using this function.

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