hankelh1x(nu, x)

Scaled Bessel function of the third kind of order nu, $H^{(1)}_\nu(x) e^{-x i}$.


In the Julia programming language, the function hankelh1x(nu, x) calculates the nScaled Bessel function of the third kind of order nu denoted as $H^{(1)}_{\nu}(x)e^{-xi}$.

Here are some examples of how to use the hankelh1x function:

  1. Calculate the Hankel function for real values:

    julia> hankelh1x(0.5, 2.0)
    -0.17613903404806057 - 0.2748849064104399im

    This example calculates the Hankel function of order 0.5 for the real value 2.0.

  2. Evaluate the Hankel function for complex values:

    julia> hankelh1x(1.0+2.0im, 1.0+1.0im)
    -0.10344058524659211 + 0.3273439936928648im

    In this example, the Hankel function is evaluated for a complex order (1.0+2.0im) and a complex argument (1.0+1.0im).

  3. Calculate the Hankel function for an array of values:
    julia> x = [0.5, 1.0, 1.5];
    julia> hankelh1x(1.5, x)
    3-element Array{ComplexF64,1}:
    -0.09145318648717459 - 0.2060544684058787im
    -0.10344058524659211 + 0.3273439936928648im
    -0.09145318648717459 + 0.5611210533689928im

    This example demonstrates how to calculate the Hankel function for an array of values using a specific order.

Please note that the returned values are complex numbers since hankelh1x deals with complex functions.

Make sure to provide appropriate values for the order nu and the argument x when using the hankelh1x function.

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