set_zero_subnormals(yes::Bool) -> Bool

If yes is false, subsequent floating-point operations follow rules for IEEE arithmetic on subnormal values ("denormals"). Otherwise, floating-point operations are permitted (but not required) to convert subnormal inputs or outputs to zero. Returns true unless yes==true but the hardware does not support zeroing of subnormal numbers.

set_zero_subnormals(true) can speed up some computations on some hardware. However, it can break identities such as (x-y==0) == (x==y).


See Also

cmp, float, get_bigfloat_precision, get_rounding, get_zero_subnormals, isapprox, maxintfloat, mod2pi, nextfloat, precision, prevfloat, rationalize, round, set_bigfloat_precision, set_rounding, set_zero_subnormals, significand, with_bigfloat_precision, with_rounding,

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