..  get_rounding(T)

Get the current floating point rounding mode for type ``T``, controlling
the rounding of basic arithmetic functions (:func:`+`, :func:`-`,
:func:`*`, :func:`/` and :func:`sqrt`) and type conversion.

Valid modes are ``RoundNearest``, ``RoundToZero``, ``RoundUp``,
``RoundDown``, and ``RoundFromZero`` (``BigFloat`` only).


julia> get_rounding(Float64)

This example retrieves the current floating-point rounding mode for the Float64 type. The valid modes are RoundNearest, RoundToZero, RoundUp, RoundDown, and RoundFromZero (for BigFloat only). The rounding mode controls the rounding behavior of basic arithmetic functions like +, -, *, /, and sqrt, as well as type conversion.

Note: The get_rounding function is only available for Float64 and BigFloat types.

See Also

cmp, float, get_bigfloat_precision, get_rounding, get_zero_subnormals, isapprox, maxintfloat, mod2pi, nextfloat, precision, prevfloat, rationalize, round, set_bigfloat_precision, set_rounding, set_zero_subnormals, significand, with_bigfloat_precision, with_rounding,

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