randexp([rng], [dims...])

Generate a random number according to the exponential distribution with scale 1. Optionally generate an array of such random numbers.


  1. Generate a single random number:

    julia> randexp()

    This example generates a single random number from the exponential distribution with scale 1.

  2. Generate an array of random numbers:

    julia> randexp(3)
    3-element Array{Float64,1}:

    It generates an array of 3 random numbers from the exponential distribution.

  3. Generate random numbers using a specific random number generator:
    julia> rng = MersenneTwister(1234);  # Create a specific RNG
    julia> randexp(rng)

    This example uses a specific random number generator rng to generate a random number from the exponential distribution.

Common mistake example:

julia> randexp(-1)
ERROR: DomainError: The scale parameter of the exponential distribution must be positive

In this example, a negative value is provided as the scale parameter, which results in a domain error. It's important to provide a positive value for the scale parameter to ensure correct behavior of randexp.

See Also

bitrand, MersenneTwister, rand, randcycle, randexp, randexp!, randjump, randn, randn!, RandomDevice, randperm, randsubseq, randsubseq!, shuffle, srand,

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