invoke(f, (types...), args...)

Invoke a method for the given generic function matching the specified types (as a tuple), on the specified arguments. The arguments must be compatible with the specified types. This allows invoking a method other than the most specific matching method, which is useful when the behavior of a more general definition is explicitly needed (often as part of the implementation of a more specific method of the same function).


  1. Invoke a method on a generic function:

    julia> f(x::Int, y::Int) = x + y
    julia> invoke(f, (Int, Int), 2, 3)

    This example invokes the method f with arguments 2 and 3, matching the types Int and Int.

  2. Invoke a more general definition of a method:

    julia> f(x::Number, y::Number) = x * y
    julia> invoke(f, (Int, Int), 2, 3)

    In this case, invoke is used to explicitly invoke the method f with the types Int and Int, even though there is a more specific matching method available. The more general definition of f is called, which multiplies the arguments.

  3. Invoke a method with compatible argument types:
    julia> f(x::String, y::String) = x * y
    julia> invoke(f, (AbstractString, AbstractString), "Hello", "World")

    The invoke function allows invoking a method with compatible argument types. In this example, f is invoked with AbstractString types, which includes String. The method concatenates the two strings.

Common mistake example:

julia> f(x::Int, y::Int) = x + y
julia> invoke(f, (Int, Int), "2", 3)
ERROR: MethodError: no method matching f(::String, ::Int64)

In this example, the argument types provided to invoke do not match the method definition. It's important to ensure that the arguments are compatible with the specified types to avoid such errors.

See Also

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