Block the current task until some event occurs, depending on the type of the argument:

  • RemoteRef: Wait for a value to become available for the specified remote reference.
  • Channel: Wait for a value to be appended to the channel.
  • Condition: Wait for notify on a condition.
  • Process: Wait for a process or process chain to exit. The exitcode field of a process can be used to determine success or failure.
  • Task: Wait for a Task to finish, returning its result value. If the task fails with an exception, the exception is propagated (re-thrown in the task that called wait).
  • RawFD: Wait for changes on a file descriptor (see poll_fd for keyword arguments and return code)

If no argument is passed, the task blocks for an undefined period. If the task's state is set to :waiting, it can only be restarted by an explicit call to schedule or yieldto. If the task's state is :runnable, it might be restarted unpredictably.

Often wait is called within a while loop to ensure a waited-for condition is met before proceeding.


See Also

:@async, :@schedule, :@task, Condition, consume, interrupt, istaskdone, istaskstarted, lock, notify, ReentrantLock, schedule, Task, task_local_storage, unlock, wait, yield, yieldto,

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