Determine whether a process is currently running.


In the Julia programming language, the function process_running(p::Process) is used to determine whether a process is currently running.

julia> p = run(`ls`)
julia> process_running(p)

This example shows how to check if a process is running. The run function is used to start a process (in this case, running the ls command), and then process_running is called to check if the process is still running.

Common mistake example:

julia> p = run(`sleep 5`)
julia> process_running(p)

In this example, the code checks if p is still running immediately after starting it. However, since sleep 5 is called, the process will continue running for 5 seconds. So the result of process_running(p) will be true until the process completes.

It's important to keep in mind that process_running only checks the current status of a process and does not guarantee that it will continue running in the future.

See Also

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