hist2d(M, e1, e2) -> (edge1, edge2, counts)

Compute a "2d histogram" of a set of N points specified by N-by-2 matrix M. Arguments e1 and e2 are bins for each dimension, specified either as integer bin counts or vectors of bin edges. The result is a tuple of edge1 (the bin edges used in the first dimension), edge2 (the bin edges used in the second dimension), and counts, a histogram matrix of size (length(edge1)-1, length(edge2)-1). Note: Julia does not ignore NaN values in the computation.


See Also

cummax, eigmax, findmax, hist, hist!, hist2d, hist2d!, histrange, indmax, maxabs, maxabs!, maximum!, mean, mean!, median, median!, minabs, minabs!, minimum!, minmax, quantile!, realmax, std, stdm,

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