Convert a hexadecimal string to the floating point number it represents


julia> hex2num("3f800000")

This example converts the hexadecimal string "3f800000" to the corresponding floating point number, which is 1.0.

julia> hex2num("40490fdb")

Here, the hexadecimal string "40490fdb" is converted to the floating point number approximation of π (pi).

julia> hex2num("bff0000000000000")

The hexadecimal string "bff0000000000000" is converted to -1.0, representing a negative floating point number.

Common mistake example:

julia> hex2num("abc")
ERROR: ArgumentError: Invalid hexadecimal string

In this example, the provided hexadecimal string "abc" is not a valid hexadecimal representation. Make sure to provide a valid hexadecimal string when using the hex2num function.

See Also

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