getpid() -> Int32

Get julia's process ID.


In the Julia programming language, the function getpid()

Retrieve Julia's process ID as an Int32 value.

julia> getpid()

Here are some common examples of how getpid() can be used:

  1. Print Julia's process ID:

    julia> println(getpid())

    This example retrieves Julia's process ID and prints it.

  2. Store process ID in a variable:

    julia> pid = getpid()

    Here, the process ID is stored in a variable named pid for further use.

  3. Use process ID in a system call:
    julia> pid = getpid()
    julia> run(`echo $pid`)

    In this example, the process ID is used in a system call to echo the process ID itself.

Common mistake example:

julia> getpid
ERROR: syntax: missing parentheses in call to "getpid"

In this example, the parentheses are missing when calling the getpid() function. It's important to include the parentheses () when calling a function in Julia to avoid syntax errors.

See Also

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