any!(r, A)

Test whether any values in A along the singleton dimensions of r are true, and write results to r.


julia> r = falses(2, 3);
julia> A = [false true false; false false true];
julia> any!(r, A)
2×3 BitMatrix:
 0  1  0
 0  1  1

This example demonstrates the usage of any! function in Julia. It tests whether any values in matrix A along the singleton dimensions of matrix r are true, and writes the results to matrix r.

Common mistake example:

julia> r = falses(2, 2);
julia> A = [false false; false false; false false];
julia> any!(r, A)
ERROR: DimensionMismatch("input array has size (3,2) but destination has size (2,2)")

In this example, the dimensions of the destination matrix r do not match the dimensions of the input matrix A. It is important to ensure that the dimensions are compatible to avoid such errors when using any! function.

See Also

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