..  stat(file)

Returns a structure whose fields contain information about the file. The fields of the structure are:

========= ======================================================================
 size      The size (in bytes) of the file
 device    ID of the device that contains the file
 inode     The inode number of the file
 mode      The protection mode of the file
 nlink     The number of hard links to the file
 uid       The user id of the owner of the file
 gid       The group id of the file owner
 rdev      If this file refers to a device, the ID of the device it refers to
 blksize   The file-system preferred block size for the file
 blocks    The number of such blocks allocated
 mtime     Unix timestamp of when the file was last modified
 ctime     Unix timestamp of when the file was created
========= ======================================================================


See Also

abspath, basename, chmod, countlines, cp, ctime, dirname, download, evalfile, expanduser, fdio, filemode, filesize, functionloc, gperm, homedir, include_string, isabspath, isblockdev, ischardev, isdir, isdirpath, isexecutable, isfifo, isfile, islink, ismount, ispath, isreadable, issetgid, issetuid, issticky, iswritable, joinpath, less, lstat, mkdir, mkpath, mktemp, mktempdir, mtime, mv, normpath, operm, poll_fd, poll_file, readall, readcsv, readdir, readdlm, readlines, readlink, realpath, relpath, rm, splitdir, splitdrive, splitext, stat, symlink, tempdir, tempname, touch, truncate, uperm, watch_file, writecsv,

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