readcsv(source, [T::Type]; options...)

Equivalent to readdlm with delim set to comma.


In the Julia programming language, the function readcsv(source, [T::Type]; options...) is equivalent to readdlm with delim set to comma. It reads data from a CSV file or any source that uses comma as the delimiter and returns it as a matrix or a DataFrame.

julia> using CSV

julia> data = readcsv("data.csv")
3×2 Matrix{Any}:
  1  "John"
  2  "Jane"
  3  "Alice"

julia> typeof(data)

julia> df ="data.csv")
3×2 DataFrame
 Row │ Column1  Column2
     │ Int64    String
   1 │       1  John
   2 │       2  Jane
   3 │       3  Alice

Here are some common examples of how to use readcsv:

  1. Read a CSV file into a matrix:

    julia> data = readcsv("data.csv")
  2. Read a CSV file into a DataFrame using the CSV.jl package:

    julia> using CSV
    julia> df ="data.csv")
  3. Specify the type of the columns when reading into a DataFrame:

    julia> using CSV
    julia> df ="data.csv", types=[Int64, String])

Common mistake example:

julia> data = readcsv("data.csv", Int)
ERROR: MethodError: no method matching readcsv(::String, ::Type{Int64})

In this example, the Int argument is passed as a type parameter to readcsv, which is not supported. To specify the type of the columns, you need to use the types keyword argument as shown in the third example above.

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