This function is part of the implementation of using / import, if a module is not already defined in Main. It can also be called directly to force reloading a module, regardless of whether it has been loaded before (for example, when interactively developing libraries).

Loads a source files, in the context of the Main module, on every active node, searching standard locations for files. require is considered a top-level operation, so it sets the current include path but does not use it to search for files (see help for include). This function is typically used to load library code, and is implicitly called by using to load packages.

When searching for files, require first looks in the current working directory, then looks for package code under Pkg.dir(), then tries paths in the global array LOAD_PATH.


See Also

assert, backtrace, code_llvm, code_lowered, code_native, code_typed, code_warntype, :@which, compilecache, current_module, eval, finalize, finalizer, fullname, function_module, function_name, include_dependency, InterruptException, invoke, isconst, isdefined, isgeneric, methodswith, method_exists, module_name, module_parent, require, subtypes, unsafe_load, workspace, __precompile__,

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