code_native(f, types)

Prints the native assembly instructions generated for running the method matching the given generic function and type signature to STDOUT.


julia> mysin(x) = ccall((:sin,"libm"), Cdouble, (Cdouble,), x)
    @vectorize_1arg Real mysin
    code_native(mysin, (Float64,))
Filename: In[11]
Source line: 1
    push    RBP
    mov RBP, RSP
    movabs  RAX, 140193336993536
Source line: 1
    call    RAX
    pop RBP

See Also

assert, backtrace, code_llvm, code_lowered, code_native, code_typed, code_warntype, :@which, compilecache, current_module, eval, finalize, finalizer, fullname, function_module, function_name, include_dependency, InterruptException, invoke, isconst, isdefined, isgeneric, methodswith, method_exists, module_name, module_parent, require, subtypes, unsafe_load, workspace, __precompile__,

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