readbytes(stream, nb=typemax(Int); all=true)

Read at most nb bytes from the stream, returning a Vector{UInt8} of the bytes read.

If all is true (the default), this function will block repeatedly trying to read all requested bytes, until an error or end-of-file occurs. If all is false, at most one read call is performed, and the amount of data returned is device-dependent. Note that not all stream types support the all option.


See Also

deserialize, eachline, eof, fd, flush, IOBuffer, ismarked, isopen, isreadonly, mark, nb_available, open, pipeline, position, read, read!, readavailable, readbytes, readbytes!, readline, redirect_stderr, redirect_stdin, reset, seek, seekend, seekstart, serialize, skip, skipchars, TextDisplay, unmark, write, writemime,

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