pipeline(command; stdin, stdout, stderr, append=false)

Redirect I/O to or from the given command. Keyword arguments specify which of the command's streams should be redirected. append controls whether file output appends to the file. This is a more general version of the 2-argument pipeline function. pipeline(from, to) is equivalent to pipeline(from, stdout=to) when from is a command, and to pipe(to, stdin=from) when from is another kind of data source.


  • run(pipeline(`dothings`, stdout="out.txt", stderr="errs.txt"))
  • run(pipeline(`update`, stdout="log.txt", append=true))


See Also

deserialize, eachline, eof, fd, flush, IOBuffer, ismarked, isopen, isreadonly, mark, nb_available, open, pipeline, position, read, read!, readavailable, readbytes, readbytes!, readline, redirect_stderr, redirect_stdin, reset, seek, seekend, seekstart, serialize, skip, skipchars, TextDisplay, unmark, write, writemime,

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