promote_type(type1, type2)

Determine a type big enough to hold values of each argument type without loss, whenever possible. In some cases, where no type exists to which both types can be promoted losslessly, some loss is tolerated; for example, promote_type(Int64,Float64) returns Float64 even though strictly, not all Int64 values can be represented exactly as Float64 values.


See Also

BigFloat, BigInt, Dict, eltype, fieldtype, Float32, Float64, IntSet, isa, isalnum, isalpha, isascii, iseltype, isequal, isgraph, isimmutable, isinteractive, isleaftype, isnull, ispunct, isspace, issubtype, keytype, Nullable, NullException, promote_type, typeintersect, typejoin, typemax, typemin, typeof, Val, valtype,

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