issubtype(type1, type2)

issubtype(type1, type2)

Return true if and only if all values of type1 are also of type2. Can also be written using the <: infix operator as type1 <: type2.


julia> issubtype(Real,Number)
julia> issubtype(Real,Signed)

See Also

BigFloat, BigInt, Dict, eltype, fieldtype, Float32, Float64, IntSet, isa, isalnum, isalpha, isascii, iseltype, isequal, isgraph, isimmutable, isinteractive, isleaftype, isnull, ispunct, isspace, issubtype, keytype, Nullable, NullException, promote_type, typeintersect, typejoin, typemax, typemin, typeof, Val, valtype,

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