Returns true if the value of the sign of x is negative, otherwise false.


  1. Check if a number is negative:

    julia> signbit(-3.5)

    This example checks if the sign of -3.5 is negative, which returns true.

  2. Check if a number is positive:

    julia> signbit(2.0)

    It determines if the sign of 2.0 is negative, which returns false.

  3. Handle zero and positive zero:
    julia> signbit(0.0)
    julia> signbit(-0.0)

    It correctly handles zero and positive zero, returning false for 0.0 and true for -0.0.

Common mistake example:

julia> signbit("hello")
ERROR: MethodError: no method matching signbit(::String)

In this example, the signbit function is applied to a non-numeric value. The signbit function expects a numeric argument, so make sure to provide a valid numeric value to avoid such errors.

See Also

bitpack, bitunpack, bswap, flipbits!, htol, hton, isbits, ltoh, ntoh, rol, rol!, ror, ror!, signbit,

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