isfinite(f) -> Bool

Test whether a number is finite


  1. Check if a number is finite:

    julia> isfinite(10.5)

    This example checks if the number 10.5 is finite, which returns true.

  2. Verify if a negative number is finite:

    julia> isfinite(-3.2)

    It confirms whether the negative number -3.2 is finite, returning true.

  3. Handle non-finite values like infinity:

    julia> isfinite(Inf)

    This example checks if the value Inf (representing infinity) is finite, which returns false.

  4. Check if a complex number is finite:
    julia> isfinite(2 + 3im)

    It tests whether the complex number 2 + 3im is finite, returning true.

Common mistake example:

julia> isfinite(NaN)

In this example, the function returns true for NaN (Not a Number), which might be unexpected. It's important to note that NaN is considered finite in Julia.

See Also

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