Convert an array to its complex conjugate in-place


  1. Convert an array to its complex conjugate:

    julia> A = [1+2im, 3-4im, 5+6im];
    julia> conj!(A)
    3-element Array{Complex{Int64},1}:
    1 - 2im
    3 + 4im
    5 - 6im

    This example converts the array A to its complex conjugate in-place. The imaginary parts of each element are multiplied by -1.

  2. Modify a matrix of complex numbers:
    julia> M = [1+2im 3-4im; 5+6im 7-8im];
    julia> conj!(M)
    2×2 Array{Complex{Int64},2}:
    1 - 2im   3 + 4im
    5 - 6im   7 + 8im

    It converts each element of the matrix M to its complex conjugate.

Common mistake example:

julia> B = [1 2; 3 4];
julia> conj!(B)
ERROR: MethodError: no method matching conj!(::Array{Int64,2})

In this example, the function conj! is called on a non-complex array. The conj! function is specifically designed for complex arrays, so ensure that the input array contains complex numbers before using conj!.

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