randjump(r::MersenneTwister, jumps, [jumppoly]) -> Vector{MersenneTwister}

Create an array of the size jumps of initialized MersenneTwister RNG objects where the first RNG object given as a parameter and following MersenneTwister RNGs in the array initialized such that a state of the RNG object in the array would be moved forward (without generating numbers) from a previous RNG object array element on a particular number of steps encoded by the jump polynomial jumppoly.

Default jump polynomial moves forward MersenneTwister RNG state by 10^20 steps.


See Also

bitrand, MersenneTwister, rand, randcycle, randexp, randexp!, randjump, randn, randn!, RandomDevice, randperm, randsubseq, randsubseq!, shuffle, srand,

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