gethostname() -> AbstractString

Get the local machine's host name.


In the Julia programming language, the function gethostname() is used to retrieve the hostname of the local machine.

julia> gethostname()

Here are some common examples of how to use gethostname():

  1. Print the hostname:

    julia> hostname = gethostname()
    julia> println("Hostname: ", hostname)

    This example retrieves the hostname of the local machine and prints it.

  2. Use the hostname in a string:

    julia> hostname = gethostname()
    julia> message = "Welcome to $hostname!"

    Here, the hostname is retrieved and used to create a customized message.

  3. Assign the hostname to a variable:
    julia> hostname = gethostname()

    This example simply assigns the hostname to a variable for later use.

It's worth noting that the gethostname() function returns a value of type AbstractString, which represents a general string type in Julia.

See Also

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