..  get_rounding(T)

Get the current floating point rounding mode for type ``T``, controlling
the rounding of basic arithmetic functions (:func:`+`, :func:`-`,
:func:`*`, :func:`/` and :func:`sqrt`) and type conversion.

Valid modes are ``RoundNearest``, ``RoundToZero``, ``RoundUp``,
``RoundDown``, and ``RoundFromZero`` (``BigFloat`` only).


See Also

cmp, float, get_bigfloat_precision, get_rounding, get_zero_subnormals, isapprox, maxintfloat, mod2pi, nextfloat, precision, prevfloat, rationalize, round, set_bigfloat_precision, set_rounding, set_zero_subnormals, significand, with_bigfloat_precision, with_rounding,

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