trailing_ones(x::Integer) -> Integer

Number of ones trailing the binary representation of x.

julia> trailing_ones(3)


  1. Count trailing ones in a binary number:

    julia> trailing_ones(3)

    This example counts the number of ones trailing the binary representation of the number 3.

  2. Find trailing ones in a larger binary number:

    julia> trailing_ones(100)

    It returns the count of trailing ones in the binary representation of the number 100.

  3. Handle zero as input:
    julia> trailing_ones(0)

    When the input number is zero, it correctly returns zero as there are no trailing ones.

Common mistake example:

julia> trailing_ones(7.5)
ERROR: MethodError: no method matching trailing_ones(::Float64)

In this example, the input to the trailing_ones function is a floating-point number. It's important to note that trailing_ones only accepts integers as the input. Ensure that the input is of the correct type to avoid such errors.

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