The number of bytes in string s.


  1. Get the size of a specific data type:

    julia> sizeof(Int64)

    This example returns the size in bytes of the Int64 data type, which is typically 8 bytes.

  2. Determine the size of a custom struct:

    julia> struct Point
    julia> sizeof(Point)

    In this example, we define a custom Point struct with two Float64 fields. The sizeof(Point) function returns the size of the Point struct in bytes, which is 16 in this case.

  3. Check the size of an array element type:

    julia> arr = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]
    julia> sizeof(eltype(arr))

    Here, we create an array arr and then use eltype(arr) to get the element type of the array. We pass this element type to sizeof to determine the size in bytes of the array's elements. In this case, the element type is Int64, so the size is 8 bytes.

Common mistake example:

julia> sizeof(Float32)
ERROR: TypeError: in sizeof, expected Type, got Float32

In this example, the sizeof function expects a type as an argument, not a specific value. Make sure to pass the type itself, not an instance of the type, to sizeof.

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