The largest power of two not greater than n. Returns 0 for n==0, and returns -prevpow2(-n) for negative arguments.


  1. Find the largest power of two not greater than a number:

    julia> prevpow2(10)

    In this example, prevpow2(10) returns the largest power of two that is not greater than 10, which is 8.

  2. Handle zero input:

    julia> prevpow2(0)

    When the input is 0, the function returns 0.

  3. Handle negative input:
    julia> prevpow2(-12)

    For negative inputs, the function returns -prevpow2(-n), where n is the absolute value of the input. In this example, prevpow2(-12) returns -16.

Common mistake example:

julia> prevpow2(1.5)
ERROR: MethodError: no method matching prevpow2(::Float64)

In this example, the input is a floating-point number, which is not supported by the prevpow2 function. It only works with integer inputs. Make sure to provide integer values to the prevpow2 function to avoid such errors.

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