prevpow(a, x)

The largest a^n not greater than x, where n is a non-negative integer. a must be greater than 1, and x must not be less than 1.


  1. Find the largest power of a not greater than x:

    julia> prevpow(2, 10)

    This example calculates the largest power of 2 that is not greater than 10.

  2. Calculate the previous power of a larger number:

    julia> prevpow(3, 20)

    It returns the largest power of 3 that is not greater than 20.

  3. Handle edge cases when x is equal to a^n:
    julia> prevpow(4, 64)

    It correctly handles the case where x is equal to a^n.

Common mistake example:

julia> prevpow(1, 5)
ERROR: ArgumentError: `a` must be greater than 1

In this example, the value of a is less than 1, which is not allowed. Make sure to provide a value of a that is greater than 1 to avoid such errors.

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