Compute the gamma function of x


  1. Calculate the gamma function of a number:

    julia> gamma(5)

    This example calculates the gamma function of the number 5.

  2. Evaluate the gamma function for negative numbers:

    julia> gamma(-2.5)

    It evaluates the gamma function for a negative number (-2.5 in this case).

  3. Use the gamma function with a complex argument:
    julia> gamma(3 + 2im)
    -0.00992469905411273 + 0.00986161431251785im

    This example demonstrates the usage of the gamma function with a complex argument.

Common mistake example:

julia> gamma("2")
ERROR: MethodError: no method matching gamma(::String)

In this example, the gamma function is applied to a string instead of a numeric value. Make sure to provide the gamma function with a valid numeric argument to avoid such errors.

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