Denominator of the rational representation of x


In the julia programming language, the function den(x)

Returns the denominator of the rational representation of x.

julia> den(2//3)

Provide common examples of its use. If there are any common mistakes users make, add an example.

  1. Find the denominator of a rational number:

    julia> r = 5//7;
    julia> den(r)

    This example retrieves the denominator of the rational number r.

  2. Handle integers as input:

    julia> num = 10;
    julia> den(num)

    When an integer is passed to den, it returns 1 since integers have a denominator of 1.

  3. Use with floating-point numbers:
    julia> f = 3.14;
    julia> den(f)

    If a floating-point number is provided, the den function returns 1 as floating-point numbers do not have a denominator.

Common mistake example:

julia> den("hello")
ERROR: MethodError: no method matching den(::String)

In this example, the input provided is a string, which is not a valid argument for den. It's important to ensure that the input to den is a rational number or a valid type for the function to avoid such errors.

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