..  pmap(f, lsts...; err_retry=true, err_stop=false, pids=workers())

Transform collections ``lsts`` by applying ``f`` to each element in parallel.
(Note that ``f`` must be made available to all worker processes; see :ref:`Code Availability and Loading Packages <man-parallel-computing-code-availability>` for details.)
If ``nprocs() > 1``, the calling process will be dedicated to assigning tasks.
All other available processes will be used as parallel workers, or on the processes specified by ``pids``.

If ``err_retry`` is ``true``, it retries a failed application of ``f`` on a different worker.
If ``err_stop`` is ``true``, it takes precedence over the value of ``err_retry`` and ``pmap`` stops execution on the first error.


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