..  gcdx(x,y)

Computes the greatest common (positive) divisor of ``x`` and ``y`` and their Bézout coefficients, i.e. the integer coefficients ``u`` and ``v`` that satisfy :math:`ux+vy = d = gcd(x,y)`.

.. doctest::

   julia> gcdx(12, 42)

.. doctest::

   julia> gcdx(240, 46)

.. note::

   Bézout coefficients are *not* uniquely defined. ``gcdx`` returns the minimal Bézout coefficients that are computed by the extended Euclid algorithm. (Ref: D. Knuth, TAoCP, 2/e, p. 325, Algorithm X.) These coefficients ``u`` and ``v`` are minimal in the sense that :math:`|u| < |\frac y d` and :math:`|v| < |\frac x d`. Furthermore, the signs of ``u`` and ``v`` are chosen so that ``d`` is positive.


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